ABO Capital Opens New Training Center in Angola to Develop Local Talent
May 12, 2024
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The Angola-based international investment firm ABO Capital has launched the Amity Training Centre in Luanda, introducing an executive training program aimed at nurturing the next wave of professional talent and supporting ongoing economic development.

ABO Capital, founded and directed by Zandre Campos, operates as an international investment entity that spearheads opportunities in emerging markets across Africa, focusing on ventures that contribute to value creation and economic growth.

The firm, with a broad portfolio in education, technology, financial services, energy, manufacturing, distribution, and real estate, maintains its headquarters in Angola, and additional offices in Dubai and the United States.

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Originating from Amity University in Dubai, which itself began in India, the Amity Training Centre provides a global standard of education accessible to students of various ages and nationalities. The curriculum is designed to arm professionals with the essential skills and knowledge required for success in the global job market, with Amity campuses located worldwide.

Situated in Luanda's financial district, the Amity Training Centre integrates trainees with pivotal sectors of the Angolan economy such as financial services, telecommunications, oil, and energy, offering them the opportunity to gain practical experience.

“The Amity Training Centre is a crucial initiative for equipping our young professionals to excel in the modern, global economy, not just within Angola but internationally. This executive training program is precisely what is needed to enhance our local talent base and widen economic prospects for our citizens,"

said Campos

May 12, 2024
Enrich Africa
2 minute(s) Read
ABO Capital
Zandre Campos
Amity University

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