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In this session, we will walk you through practical steps to break into and build a thriving career in product management. You will gain relevant knowledge from our facilitator; building from basic concepts to advanced insight on how to get a Product Management interview.

Welcome to our Knowledge Boomerang Session where professionals from diverse fields share practical experiences from their wealth of knowledge. You will gain applicable skills in the subject matter and engage with like-minds to upskill yourself.

Register Here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYsfu-ppzwrGdHiOBHWhShOlTb0jYsyHcyI

Learning Points

> What is Product Management?

> Competition for Product Roles

> Assess your Product Skills

> How to get a Product Management Interview

> How to prepare for a Product Management Position

Facilitator's profile

Swosti Panda is an Application Product Manager at Google with expertise in e-Commerce, Retail and Supply Chain Technology. She works on cutting-edge projects that have the capability to make a huge impact on enterprises and uses the latest technology like Google Cloud, Spanner, Big Query, etc. in her products to make them scalable.

She has worked with Walmart Technology, and UT Dallas and did consult for clients like Mondelez, Ralph Lauren, Apple, Syngenta, etc. she also has launched numerous products and projects which have led to significant savings of XX million of $ and have been lauded for my exemplary contributions.

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